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php_installer 1.12 (for PHP 5.2.6) has been released (06-Jun-08)

php_installer is an NSIS installer I whipped up to download and install PHP 5.2.6, PECL, the PHP CHM manual, and the Zend Optimizer found at

You can download the binary here and the binary with the source code here.

Here's the changelog.txt:

php_installer changelog

Version 1.12 - 06 Jun 08:

	Updated PHP to 5.2.6

Version 1.11 - 08 Sep 07:

	Updated PHP to 5.2.5

Version 1.10 - 08 Sep 07:

	Updated PHP to 5.2.4
	Updated Zend Optimizer to 3.3.0a

Version 1.9 - 19 Jun 07:

	Updated PHP to 5.2.3

Version 1.8 - 21 May 07:

	Updated PHP to 5.2.2
	Updated Zend Optimizer to 3.2.8

Version 1.7 - 10 Apr 07:

	Fixed user defined start menu folder bug
	Upgraded NSIS to 2.24 (2.25 appears buggy)

Version 1.6 - 27 Feb 07:

	Updated PHP to 5.2.1
	Updated Zend Optimizer to 3.2.2

Version 1.5 - 28 Nov 06:

	Added Zend Optimizer 3.2.0
	Changed ordering of installation types

Version 1.4 - 06 Nov 06:

	Bumped PHP to version 5.2.0

Version 1.3 - 26 Aug 06:

	Bumped PHP to version 5.1.6

Version 1.2 - 21 Aug 06:

	Bumped PHP to version 5.1.5
	Fixed bugs in php.ini creator script
	Skips php.ini creation if file already exists
	Updated documentation
	Upgraded NSIS to 2.19

Version 1.1 - 20 May 06:

	Added all extensions in /ext to php.ini
	Added error_log setting

Version 1.0 - 16 May 06:

	Initial release

and here's the readme.txt:

php_installer readme.txt
Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Ross Smith II ( All Rights Reserved


php_installer lets you download and install PHP 5, the PECL extensions,
the PHP Manual (English) in Windows Help (CHM) Format, and the Zend Optimizer,
which are available at, and

php_installer also performs the following:

* copies php.ini-recommended to php.ini and sets the following settings:

  extension_dir="C:\Program Files\php\ext"
  error_log="C:\Program Files\php\logs\phperror.log"
  upload_tmp_dir="C:\Program Files\php\uploads"
  session.save_path="C:\Program Files\php\sessions"

* Adds the following variables to your environment:

   PHPRC=C:\Program Files\php

* Adds the installation directory (typically 
  %ProgramFiles%\php) to your PATH environment variable.

php_installer looks in the directory where php_installer.exe is for 
any files it needs before attempting to download them. If it does download a 
file, it will attempt to save a copy of the file in this same directory.

Note: you are responsible to verify that each program you install using 
php_installer is designed to work in your environment. 
If you are unsure, then please visit for more information.


Usage: php_installer [options]

/S         Install the application silently with the default options selected
/D=path    Install into the directory 'path' (default is 
/INSTYPE n Where n is a number between 0 and 3:
           0: PHP, PECL, and Manual (Default)
           1: PHP Only
           2: PECL Extensions Only
           3: PHP Manual Only (CHM English)
           4: Zend Optimizer Only
           5: All
           6: None

The following options are planned to be implemented in a future version:

/SAVEDIR d Save downloaded files in directory d
/PROXY     Set proxy settings 
/RETRIES n Number of times to retry each download before reporing failure
           (default: 5) 
/ALLUSERS  Install icons for all users 
           This is the default if the user is an administrator
/USER      Install icons for the current user only 
           This is the default if the user is not an administrator
/VERSION   Show the version and quit 
/?         Show this help message and quit 

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