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djgpp_installer 1.3 has been released

djgpp_installer is an NSIS installer I created to download and install DJGPP 2.03 found at

You can download the binary here and the binary with the source code here.

Here's the changelog.txt:

djgpp_installer changelog

Version 1.3 - 05 Apr 07:

	Fixed user defined start menu folder bug
	Upgraded NSIS to 2.24 (2.25 appears buggy)

Version 1.2 - 19 Oct 06:

	Upgraded Bison to 2.3b
	Upgraded Curses to 2.8b

Version 1.1 - 21 Aug 06:

	Upgraded NSIS to 2.19

Version 1.0 - 23 May 06:

	Initial release

and here's the readme.txt:

djgpp_installer - Version 1.3 - 05 Apr 2007
Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Ross Smith II ( All Rights Reserved


djgpp_installer lets you download and install DJGPP, which is
available at

djgpp_installer also performs the following:

* Adds the following variables to your environment:


* Appends the following to your user PATH environment variable:


djgpp_installer looks in the directory where djgpp_installer.exe is for 
any files it needs before attempting to download them. If it does download a 
file, it will attempt to save a copy of the file in this same directory.


Usage: djgpp_installer [options]

/S         Install the application silently with the default options selected
/D=path    Install into the directory 'path' 
           (default is C:\DJGPP)
/INSTYPE n Where n is a number between 0 and 4:
           0: Binaries (Default)
           1: Source
           2: Extra Documentation Formats
           3: All
           4: None

/RETRIES n Number of times to retry each download before reporing failure
           (default: 5) (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
/PROXY     Set proxy settings (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
/ALLUSERS  Install icons for all users (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
           This is the default if the user is an administrator
/USER      Install icons for the current user only (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
           This is the default if the user is not an administrator
/VERSION   Show the version and quit (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
/?         Show this help message and quit (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)

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Good point

I'd be happy to debug this issue, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Should I roll my own debug version, and run it under gdb, MSVC 6, or little the code with printf's?


What exactly is wrong with version 2.25 of NSIS that caused you to stick to 2.24?

Good question

With 2.25 the program would abort without any notice, in the middle of a download.

With 2.24 and previous versions, I did not experience this.

So I'm sticking with 2.24 for now, as I don't have the bandwidth to diagnose the issue.

More infomation

What is "the program"? Are you referring to the installer or the installed program? Do you have a method to reproduce this? Is the buggy installer available for download?

All good questions

All of my installers, djgpp_installer, nirsoft_installer, etc.

I did a couple of tests, and it looks like 2.24 is exhibiting the same problem. The installer silently dies in the middle of downloading several files. It's especially apparent with the nirsoft_installer, as it downloads over 50 files.

It could be a system related problem, as I haven't tested on any other boxes yet.

Why the keen interest?


Getting told a specific version of my installer is buggy enough to revert to an older version tends to spark my interest ;)

I tried the NirSoft installer and it worked perfectly fine. Any more reproduction details available?


My guess it's a system related issue then. I haven't reinstalled Windows in over a year, so I guess it's time for a refresh.

I'll bump up to 2.25 and remove the 'buggy' mention from the next release of my installers.

Sorry for the apparent slight. I should have done more testing before I started throwing disparaging remarks around.

NSIS is an excellent program, that I have been using for several years now, without incident.

I'd still like to know what

I'd still like to know what exactly happens. It does fail on your system, so it could fail on other systems. Since we're talking about installers that download, I'd try turning off firewalls first. They often cause problems. If that doesn't help, is there any chance you can debug the installer and see exactly where it dies?

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